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OM Jungle Medicine

ARRAKIS Labs is honored to partner with OM Jungle Medicine, a retreat center in the lush, mountainous jungles of Costa Rica. OM holds ceremonies for the earth’s most powerful medicines, served in their native traditions.

Through 2024-2025, ARRAKIS members will meet IRL to sit with Ayahuasca, as well as other sacred medicines. We prepare, journey, and integrate as a community.

Learn more about OM Jungle Medicine: their integrity, amazing food and facilities, and incredible medicine team.

Each ARRAKIS NFT is a pass for one (1) ceremony at OM Jungle Medicine. All costs of the ceremony and meals are included with the NFT, as well a place to rest in the maloca, where ceremonies are held. Private pods in shared dorms are priced at $35/per night. Private casitas coming soon!

OM currently hosts ceremonies for Ayahuasca, Peyote, Psychedelic Mushrooms, Hapé, Santa Maria, Bufo, and Kambo, as well as non-psychedelic retreats with many powerful healing modalities. 

Only one NFT is needed to join the ARRAKIS community. 

For the IRL events, holders will need to purchase the correct amount NFTs for the type of ceremony they wish to attend. Ayahuasca retreats are the most common, and require 2-4 NFTs. Some ceremonial events, such Santa Maria, Peyote and Temezcal, Mushroom, and Yopo may require 1-3 NFTs. More immersive retreats require up to 6 NFTs.

 To access longer retreats, holders must accumulate NFTs from each ARRAKIS Labs drop.

Members can choose to redeem their NFTs at scheduled ARRAKIS x OM events, or vote to add ceremonies to the calendar. To schedule, ARRAKIS Pass holders will connect their wallets to our web3 site. From there, they can book their time at OM, depending on the number of NFTs held. 

Those on the white list get early-bird access to retreats. WL holders can reserve their spots through the ARRAKIS Discord, before the first NFT drop.

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Shanenawá – The People of the Blue Bird​

The Shanenawá people have resided along the banks of the Envira River (Feijó - Acre) since 1940. With a population of 1500 distributed across 14 villages, they deeply embrace their traditions and cultural heritage. Revered as the Doctors of the Forest, they possess profound knowledge of the sacred medicines of the forest. 

Representing the entire Shanenawá nation, we introduce Pajé Maná, the chief of the Kene Merá Village. Pajé Maná will be traveling to OM Jungle Medicine to lead the first ceremonies for ARRAKIS Labs. He brings with him the sacred medicine of Uni (Ayahusaca), Hapé, and Sananga. With the medicine comes the love, wisdom, and peace of the forest. 

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The ARRAKIS Mint Pass

Have you heard the call?

An NFT with plant medicine capabilities. A collective of people working to enhance our spiritual, mental, and physical vibration while here on planet Earth.

Whitelist for early-bird signups to ARRAKIS x OM retreats.

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There's More to Plant Medicine Than You Think

Plant medicine is part of a larger community of natural and ancient healing practices that help you reach your peak potential.
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Maintain your physical and mental well-being with the help of centuries' old plant medicine rituals. Learn more about energy healing, plant medicine, Psychedelic Social Club, and more.