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The mint pass

The ARRAKIS Pass: An NFT with Medicine Capabilities

Supply: 1,111

Utility: Mint Pass for all future drops. Access to token-gated Discord. IRL plant medicine ceremonies from 2024-2025.

IRL Events: 1 NFT = 1 plant medicine ceremony at OM Jungle Medicine


12:00 EST – Free Allowlist
12:00 EST – OG 0.11 ETH
14:00 EST – WL 0.12 ETH
16:00 EST – PUBLIC 0.13 ETH

We will be releasing 333 of the total supply of 1111. The remaining passes will be available at later dates. Stay tuned.

NFT Utility

The ARRAKIS Pass comes with distict IRL utility; each NFT allows for one (1) plant medicine ceremony at OM Jungle Medicine, a retreat center in Costa Rica. Holders can mint up to three (3) NFTs. Throughout 2024-2025, members of ARRAKIS Labs will travel to Costa Rica to meet in ceremony and raise our collective vibration. 

All coordination for IRL events takes place in our token-gated Discord. Here we offer a space for psychedelic integration and spiritual community for all healing modalities. Members can share their gifts and services in the server and offer additional IRL opportunities for the community. 

The ARRAKIS pass doubles as your mint pass for Psychedelic Social Club, our PFP Collection. ARRAKIS Pass holders get early access to all future drops and gauranteed minting of three (3) Psychedelic Social Club NFTs.


Ceremonies at OM Jungle Medicine

Priority Minting for
Future Drops

Access to
Gated Discord

Psychedelic Social Club

The Profile Pic Collection

Psychedelic Social Club

The ARRAKIS Pass secures your mint of our PFP collection, Psychedelic Social Club.

Collection Drops

Compirising of 2,222 NFTs, the Psychedelic Social Club is the flagship collection of the ARRAKIS universe.

Collectors can claim up to three (3) NFTs with accompanying physical 1/1 prints.

IRL Utility

Meet in Costa Rica for IRL ceremonies at OM Jungle Medicine. Each NFT serves as a pass for one (1) night of ceremony.

OM hosts a variety of plant medicine + non-psychedelic ceremonies, led by experienced shamans in their native traditions.

Conscious Community

Integrate into a network of people from all walks of life, with the same commitment to growth and alignment.
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There's More to Plant Medicine Than You Think

Plant medicine is part of a larger community of natural and ancient healing practices supported by nature.
IRL EVents

OM Jungle Medicine

Nestled in the lush mountains of Costa Rica, above the clouds and surrounded by forest, is the retreat center, OM Jungle Medicine. OM works with indiginous tribes, lineages, traditions to facilitate profound healing experiences. The journey is supported in every way by the team at OM: with nourishing food, a beautiful space, preparation and integration. They are a center with deep integrity. 

ARRAKIS Labs is partnering with OM to unite people who share a common goal: to share the sacred teachings of plants, and to live in harmony with nature.

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