Psychedelic Social Club


Psychedelic Social Club

PSC is the flagship collection of the ARRAKIS Universe. 

Comprising of 2,222 unique NFTs, the Psychedelic Social Club drops early 2024. 

All holders of PSC can claim their digital artwork as physical 1/1 archival prints during our official forging events.

Each piece grants membership to a conscious community, ARRAKIS Labs. 

Members have the opportunity to attend IRL ceremonies at OM Jungle Medicine retreat center in Samara, Costa Rica. Each NFT serves as a pass for one (1) ceremony.

Guarantee your mint of PSC with the ARRAKIS Pass.


The Collection

Divine Pillars of ARRAKIS Labs

Abundance – We are Here to Thrive

Alignment – Align to your Truest Self

Higher Dimensional Thinking  – Our Thoughts Create our Reality

The Power of Web3 – We Harness Technology to Serve All Life

Sacred Reciprocity  – Live in Harmony with Nature

Indigenous Wisdom – Honor Wisdom Keepers of the Land

Universal Community – Consciousness is Shared

ARRAKIS Labs is a space within Web3 to focus on expansion and alignment. Simply put, we are here to raise our vibration. We lift up wisdom from wherever we find it: from humans, aliens and spirit animals; from our lowest self and our highest self; from pachamama. And from the love that creates the sun, moon, and stars. 


OM Jungle Medicine

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Santa Maria


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OM Jungle Medicine

ARRAKIS Labs is honored to partner with OM Jungle Medicine, a spiritual retreat center in the lush, mountainous jungles of Costa Rica. OM holds ceremonies for the earth’s most powerful medicines, served in their native traditions. 

Through 2024-2025, ARRAKIS members will meet in ceremony and journey together – far into the cosmos and deep into our inner worlds. We prepare, journey, and integrate as a community.

Each NFT in our first two collections, ARRAKIS Pass and PSC, is a pass for one (1) healing ceremony at OM Jungle Medicine. Each drop allows for three NFTs per wallet. 

All costs of the ceremonies and meals are included with the NFT, as well a place to rest in the maloca, where the ceremonies are held. Private pods in shared dorms are priced at $35/per night. Private casitas coming soon!


A Call for Healers

With each retreat, ARRAKIS Labs will arrange packages with outside facilitators, giving members the option to have a more catered, in depth experience in Costa Rica.

Here we invite our community to collaborate with us. If you are healer, facilitator, travel guide, or coach - plan an event alongside us! Send your proposals in the ARRAKIS Discord Server.

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There's More to Plant Medicine Than You Think

Plant medicine is part of a larger community of natural and ancient healing practices supported by nature.

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